January 19th, 2009

Another pair of socks!

Seriously, my feet get cold. I finished the Cascade 220 Superwash pair and I've been wearing them unblocked, straight off the needles. They do help keep my feet warm, yet they're thin enough I can still wear them in my tennis shoes if I need to go outside.

I wanted something a little more decadent, and it doesn't get more decadent than Malabrigo Worsted. I had a skein of "Bobby Blue" in the stash and decided to use it up.

This was my first time knitting with Malabrigo and boy did it make me happy. The stitches are puffy and delicious on US4's and the color changes just enough to be fun, but without giving me striped socks or pooling. I don't like striped socks. This color is sort of a cross between the Caribbean Sea and a clear sky in springtime and it's a lot of fun in the dead of winter. I changed the already modified Thuja sock pattern to use a straight 3x1 rib instead of a 3x1 seed stitch rib. It pulls in a lot more and helps the sock cling to my foot. It's still not a tight clingy sock, but it's meant to be worn over a basic cotton sock as an extra layer of insulation. The Malabrigo will probably pill and felt with wear, so these are meant to be worn in the house only.

I'm still not fond of knitting socks, but they're not bad for almost instant gratification. One sock takes me a couple of hours with worsted yarn, mostly because of the damn ribbing. I can now do short row heels like a champ and I think Kitchener stitching is fun. I'd Kitchener (is that a verb?) every seam I came across if such a thing were possible.

I should have plenty of yarn left for the second sock to make this a one skein project. If all goes well, this pair will be finished tomorrow night. Then I can get back to my sweater!