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It's a sock!

One down, one to go. This one is a bit slouchy and loose, which will hopefully be remedied by a good wash and blocking. Depending on how they fare after blocking and wear, future pairs may need to go down a needle size. My stitches are looser than usual. I blame my clumsiness with dpn's. I do most of my work on circs, but I don't like Magic Loop for something this small around.

Pardon the less than stellar photography. It's surprisingly difficult to take a picture of your own foot at an attractive angle.

This is the first truly fitted thing I've made. The whole time, I had fears of either a monster sock or one that strangulated my ankle due to a tight cast-on. I gauged the length by holding up a dpn to the bottom of my foot and starting the toe decreases when I had a dpn-length of foot knitted. It all worked and the thing is nearly the shape of my foot.

That said, I am really not in love with socks. I put it on and didn't feel anything magical. It's a sock. It's a little nubbly inside. It's just.. utilitarian. The process knitter in me had fun. I'm thrilled I learned one way to do short rows and I finally had a reason to learn the Kitchener stitch. I've become a better knitter because of this sock.

I'm going to give my sweater a big smooch when I finally get to work on it again. You can love your socks, but my heart belongs to lace.